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  • Elizabeth House – N5

    2 Hurlock Street
    London N5 1ED

    Club Times:
    Every Saturday
    2.00pm — 3.30pm

  • West Library N1

    Bridgeman Road,
    London N1 1BD

    Club Times:
    Every Saturday
    11:00am — 12.30pm

  • North Library N7

    North Library
    Manor Gardens
    London N7 6JX

    Club Times:
    Every Saturday
    11:30am — 1:00pm

"Wizzie Wizzie is an great initiative that helps kids understand the basics of programming, if something like this was around when I was a child I think would've given me a practical foundation in programming and would've help me progress at a faster rate. From what I've noticed teaching the kids, I have no doubt that some of them will have a brilliant career in the tech industry." Paul Turkson, Wizzie Volunteer

Volunteer @ Wizzie Wizzie

If you’re interested in working with us to share your coding skills and teach young people to program, please check our volunteer page.

big thank you to our sponsors :)